Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Parades

CH Chercher Deja Vu Mon Ami Divot "Tiger" enjoys the Bakersfield Christmas Parade (photo above). He is the "black blob" riding with the Hoffmann Hospice Therapy Dog Group. Tiger has been involved with therapy work since his first birthday when he celebrated by going to visit the folks at a local convalescent home. He is a perfect gentleman, and a big hit with all the residents. Tiger is co-ownerd by Barbara Lee, Terry Miller and Gina Klang.

Kath Williams' "Windy" Sagi's Taste So Sweet, CDX RA wore jingle bells and flashing lights along with her training buddies as they marched as a doggy drill team in the Pacific Power Parade of Lights in Seaside on the night after Thanksgiving. They got the biggest cheers of any of the entries and won first place in the animal division. Kath and Windy are in the second row, behind the golden. Windy is out of Ch Sagi Snoaire's Midnight Matinee, "Haley" x Ch Ecstasy Noir De La Maison Dur Garde-Barriere, "Romeo".

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another Obedience Coup

by Tracy Thorleifson. Huge congrats to Carol and Tessa for another obedience coup. Yesterday Carol and Tessa entered Utility B for the first time (because she just earned her UD title) and in Open. She qualified in both, earned her first UDX leg, High Combined and won her Utility B class, earning her first points toward an OTCH title. Way to go! Griffey is very proud of his mother and his breeder.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ranger Takes BOB, Andre Earns 2 Legs and Tia Earns her RN Title at Whidbey Island Kennel Club

Story by Sonia Thompson. Heartsong’s Durango "Ranger" owned by Judy and Dallas Meggitt and presented by Hannah Spencer took Best of Breed at the Whidbey Island Kennel Club. Ranger is out of Ch Briardale USS Boston Terroir x Ch Neorageux Unforgettable and bred by Pam Ohlsson. Ranger really looked gorgeous; his coat was so shiny that it looked like black marble. On Saturday, Ranger was the only dog showing. Nightwind's Definitely Maybe "Tia" joined him in the ring for BOB. On Sunday, the other male (2 yr old Marvin) came from Sweden with his family who live in Mill Creek.

CH Cachet Deja Vu Andantino RA "Andre" took a 3rd place in Rally Excellent A on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday he and another dog tied for 2nd place, but the other dog was 1.5 seconds faster, so Andre got 3rd. His 2nd Exc leg. Because the ring time for Tia's Rally classes conflicted with the Breed Ring both days, on Saturday I asked to be moved to last in Rally and there was no time for them to let me walk the course. I missed 2 "signs" so she did not qualify on Sat. I did only rally on Sunday, and she finished her Novice Title with a score of 97 (there were 2 dogs with 98, and 2 with 97. Again the time difference of a couple of seconds put Tia in 4th place, but we were very happy to be among the 4 scoring in the 90's. The 3 other handlers were Rally/Agility instructors, so I was especially proud of her).
There was alot of rain both days! I don't know how Hannah got Ranger from the grooming building to the ring looking dry and shiny! At the Rally trial, there were the Labs, German Shepherds, Spaniels, Border Terriers and looking as if they were in their element; then there were 2 dripping Briards.....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

More NW News from the 2009 BCA National

Above "Destin" is pictured with Kristl - 1st place 6-9 months . Below is 1st brood bitch. The dogs are Bigtree Act All About Love aka "Valentine" (tawney) then Voila! Ernesto De Los Niegos (middle black) aka "Ernie" and then "Destin". The people are Kristl with Destin, Gary with Valentine and Liz Green with Ernie.

"Destin" Voila étoile montante destinée and Kristl made the trip to Texas from Great Falls MT. Destin is out of CH Bigtree-ACT All About Love and Multi. CH Massai Mara de Los Niegos.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Weekend!!!

Story by Iris Bergen. Bobby, my 9 yr old Briard x OES, was in an agility trial last weekend. I am very pleased with how he ran. Fast (for his standard), clean and with enthusiasm. He had a qualifying run in Masters standard and jumpers. Most impressively also a steeplechase run! So far it has always been a time issue. In the standard, he was the only one in the veteran class to Q! This is a qualifying run in Masters Jumper (click on link below). It looks easy, but it had it's own challenges.

We also brought Felix out Saturday and Sunday afternoon. He behaved very well and waited very quietly in his crate even when other dogs came right by his crate. Felix is too young to be trialed, but I thought better to get him used to the atmosphere. Helen Moulden came out Saturday and I showed her my boy. She seemed quite pleased with how he is turning out. Felix came from Veronique Mauroux of Briards de Guerande, Quebec. His parents are Vraiment Belle de Guerande x Grinzing's Aurore Boreale. Felix' registered name is Deux Felix de Guerande.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Herding News from Eastern Washington

Story by Gail Oneal. Nightwind's Double Dog Dare Ewe "Dara" got her PT at the Labor Day Trials here in Spokane under judges Bob Ewing and Dave Viklund. Although she started with a "flair", she did a great job with controlled runs on both days.

Radieux's And The Winner Is HSAs "Emmy" got 2 legs of her intermediate title on A course sheep with second and fourth places in a class of six. She is a bit intense-and it showed the second day when I called time 30 seconds after the run started!! She forgot I was on the planet so we just called it a day and watched the other runs. On to the specialty!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Canadian Champion

submitted by Romy Wood ~ Good news! Rio, “Ne Orageux Assiniboine Admirer” finished his Canadian Championship with a Second in Group placing at the West Kootenay Kennel Club show in Castlegar, August 22! He won the Group at that show two years ago.
We also went to the Cranbrook Kennel Club show the following weekend, but no luck there. Most everywhere we go Rio is the only Briard. The Cranbrook show is at a new venue, beautiful mountain views and lots of space for camping. Maybe we could talk some members from the Spokane and area region into coming over the border next year?
Warm greetings from the East Kootenays!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome New Member Chris Marshall

Chris has Callisto (above) who he obtained her from Lebec Briards in California six years ago when he lived in Chicago. He now live in Corvallis Oregon and both Callisto and he love it. He doesn’t show her (she’s not show quality) but he certainly shows her off in public…and she loves attention. She’s well behaved but has never received formal herding training – just obedience training. Callisto and Chris are too busy hiking and travelling around the Pacific Northwest to head to many dog related events, but he thought it’d be fun to know what was going on around here just in case. Oh…her name: She’s named after a greek nymph who (like many unfortunate characters in mythology was tricked into sleeping with Zeus and summarily punished…in Callisto’s case: she was turned into a bear) – you can read about it At left is picture of Callisto as a puppy (at that time, she was a little scared of water…although now she LOVES swimming). When Chris is not hiking and traveling with Callisto he serves as the Curator & Collections Manager, Cordley Hall, Zoology Department, Oregon State University.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Stumptown News

Five Briards were present at the Stumptown Shows and Obedience Trials at the Portland Expo July 18 and 19. Ch Lebec's Magical CEO "Chief" (top left) owned by Pat Cardone & Jeanne Lorang and handled by Pat Cardone took Best of Breed both days. Heartsong’s Durango "Ranger" owned by Judy and Dallas Meggitt took Best of Winners on Saturday showing to Mrs. Donna J Buxton. Briaramour's Dazzling Femme Fatale "Gia" (above right and below left) owned by Angela and Max Trimm and handled by Erin Winton took Winners Bitch both days. Enchante's Dreamboat Annie "Annie" (above left and below right)owned by Margot Baron and handled by her daughter Morgan took reserve. The judge on Sunday was Ms. Leslie A Earl. "Windy" was entered in team obedience with her owner/handler Kath Williams.

"I am proud to say that Gia now has 2 points acquired at her debut weekend. I have lots of pictures of her and of her and Annie. What a funny coincidence that Gia and Annie have the same exact birth date, December 28, 08. I feel an addiction to shows coming on" said Angela Trimm.

"Ranger was great on Saturday, he looked fantastic and he behaved" said Judy Meggitt. Pam Sage showed him and he got one point.

Chief is out of Ch Higgins Bohemia Elite x Ch Cherron U Wanna Dance and bred by Jeanne Lorang and Liz Kenitz. Ranger is out of Ch Briardale USS Boston Terroir x Ch Neorageux Unforgettable and bred by Pam Ohlsson. Gia (at left with Max Trimm) is out of Saper II Vom Vossberg x Ch Briaramour's De Moulin Rouge and bred by Benita S. Keiss and Aija Hangland. Annie is out of Ch Hooligan Nadina-Sis x Ch Enchante's Vision and bbred by Kathy Simms.

Kath and Windy's team took first place. Click on these links to videos: heel on leash, team figure 8, stand for exam-a, stand for exam-b, heel free, drop on recall and last but not least Kath's wonderful team shirt designs!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bastille Day Puppies!

Ch. Popsakadoo Deja Vu Bono (OFA Good) X Ch. Bijou All Flash No Cash, CDX, HSc, HSAs, OA, NAJ, RA (OFA Exc)Tessa/Bono puppies are here! 6 boys.... ...and 1 girl (below, no collar) at last!Carol reports that Tessa is a great 1st-time mom and that all 7 are happy and healthy! For more on the litter and the parents go to Bijou Briards.

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Champion

Elle, the Meggitt's “just turned two years” beautiful female Briard finished her AKC championship June 29, 2009. Her name is now, “CH BRIARDALE’S CAMILLE LEBEC.” Hannah Spencer, Judy's X-4H member who is now in college, handled her and did a beautiful job.

Sonia Thompson reports that "Judy Meggitt, Barbara and Pascal Stoltz, who own Nutella (Nightwind's Dances with Wool), Bonnie & Haley Premble (Nutella's handling team) and I (with my husband Bruce Barnbaum on Saturday) had a wonderful weekend at the show in Mt Vernon. Nutella took Best of Opposite on Saturday. Tia took Reserve on Saturday, Nutella took reserve on Sunday. Tia earned another leg of Rally Novice (she did it in spite of me; I had not walked the course due to conflict with the breed ring. I read 2 signs wrong, earning handler error penalties)."

The photo above, courtesy of Vavra, was taken about three weeks ago at the Puyallup show.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Passing of a Loving Briard

Sandy and Jim Redmond lost Roxy on this evening. She got sick in the late afternoon and died in the evening. She went peacefully. The doctor thinks she might have had cancer or a growth on her heart as she had fluid build up around her heart. She most likely had this for some time, but showed no symptoms even at her most recent annual exam and full blood work. Jim and Sandy are so sad and really having a difficult time accepting that she is gone. Roxy would have been 9 in July. They miss her so much, she was such a loving Briard always looking out for them and there with a big smile when they came home. Many northwest Briarders had the chance to know Roxy when Sandy and Jim lived in Washington. She will be missed by her "brother" Ketchum.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Briard x OES Seal of Approval

Here Bobby, Iris Bergen's Briard/OES-cross, is on an A-frame that was rubber coated with agile grip at a recent agility trial on Vancouver Island, B.C. It was a windy day. Sunday they even got to run on it after a heavy rain shower and Iris and Bobby love it!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome New Member Kristl Lemieux!

Kristl Lemieux is a new Briard owner. She owns Destin or Voila étoile montante destinée. He is her first Briard, the dream dog that she waited 20 years for. Kristl is a groomer in Great Falls Mt, and has wanted to show dogs for years and finally took the plunge. She plans on doing conformation and herding eventually agility and obedience. Destin is out of CH Bigtree-ACT All About Love and Multi. CH Massai Mara de Los Niegos. She is so excited to show him. Kristl knows getting points will be hard so she figured joining a group like this will help her figure out what shows people will be at. She says she is ready to travel and really looks forward to any help and meeting people at the shows!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Herding Practice

Here Tessa shows Nash how tending is done with the C-course flock at Brigands Hide Out. Nash didn't do so badly himself... read more

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chief Earns His TT!

Ch Lebec's Magical CEO "Chief" owned by Pat Cardone & Jeanne Lorang passed his temperment test sponsored by Northwest Working Dogs in St. Helens OR.

The average overall pass rate is 81.6 percent; the pass rate may vary for different breeds. The breed's temperament, training, health and age of the dog is taken into account. Minimum age for dogs to take the test is 18 months.

The test takes about 12 minutes to complete. The dog is on a loose six-foot (6') lead and three ATTS trained evaluators score the dog. Majority rules. Failure on any part of the test is recognized when a dog shows panic, strong avoidance without recovery or unprovoked aggression.

You can find out more about the American Temperament Test at

The BCA will be offering the Temperament Test at the National Specialty.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Puyallup Show Results

Congratulations are in order to Nutella, Barbara and Pascal! Saturday, at Puyallup, Nightwind's Dances With Wool "Nutella" took best of breed over Briardale's Camille Lebec "Elle" and Heartsong’s Durango "Ranger" showing to judge Virginia L. Lyne. Nutella was groomed perfectly and beautifully presented by junior handler Haley Premble. Haley is dedicated to handling and is working to win an AKC scholarship. She lives south of Monroe, and started her Junior Handling at Dog Works in Monore, with a Sheltie named Elliott. She had also competed with him in Obedience and Rally. In addition, Haley has a show Sheltie, Tip, who has done well for her. In shows this year, she has won several Junior Handler titles; Saturday at Puyallup was really a Blue Ribbon day for her, because she won Best Junior Handler, then Best of Breed with Nutella.

Sunday, at Puyallup, Elle took best of breed over Nutella showing to judge Arlene A. Czech by Hannah Spencer. Ranger didn’t show. On Saturday, Elle was totally distracted having Ranger in the ring. Elle needs 2 points now to finish. Judy reports that she is going to start working with Ranger at classes, and won’t be putting him back into the ring until he’s more confident with another dog running behind him. She also thinks Elle needs to finish first before she puts Ranger in the ring, too. Entering two puppies from the same household can be a bit chaotic.
photos coming soon......

Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome New Member Iris Bergen

Please join me in welcoming Iris Bergen. Iris lives on the West Coast in BC, with the Pacific just a few minutes away. Bobby (left in the photo) will be 9 in June and started Agility after competitive obedience (aka BH ) in Germany and some tracking. He started Agility a few years ago, and earned his MAD under the AAC last April (see photo below). So far his highest achievement. Bobby is a Briard x OES. He's Iris' Velcro dog. Felix (right in top photo), her first "real" Briard, joined their family last December and has been started in Agility right from the get go. So far he's doing exceptionally well. Iris can't wait until he's old enough to compete. Felix came from Veronique Mauroux of Briards de Guerande, Quebec. His parents are Vraiment Belle de Guerande x Grinzing's Aurore Boreale. Felix' registered name is Deux Felix de Guerande. Deux can also be derived from "sweat pea" and what a "Sweet Pea Felix" he is! Felix mom Belle, is a black borne gray, and dad is black. Felix is black and natural eared, but getting more and more white hairs on his back, he may be turning gray like his mom after all. Felix will turn 8 months old on June 7! Last but not least, there is Riley. Riley is a smart, speedy, driven and teeter loving Golden Retriever that Iris trains and competes for a friend.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gia's Holiday Weekend!

Gia is five months old now. Gia on the rock was taken at the Vista House lookout point, Columbia River Gorge. Anglea and Gia are pictured in front of the Multnomah Falls. Gia is doing very well. She is very smart and loving. Angela can't wait to get out there and show her. Gia is an avid outdoors girl..she loves to go hiking so taking scenic pics are becoming a hobby for Angela. Gia looks so beautiful with all the Pacific Northwest scenery behind her. We can look forward to many more pics of Gia and Angela's summer adventures!

Tiger Finishes With 4 Majors!

Mr. Woods finished his championship on Monday with his fourth major of the week-end. Tiger is co-ownerd by Barbara Lee, Terry Miller and Gina Klang.
His show history is as follows -
3/29/09 Kern County KC, WD/BW/OS, first point, judge: Arlene A. Czech, Mom (Barbara)handling.
Handled by Dottie Adkins at the following:
5/21/09 Briard Club of America Specialty. WD/BW, 5 pt. major, judge: Dani Canino
5/22/09 Los Encinos KC. WD/BW, 4 pt major, judge: Lawrence E. Stanbridge
5/24/09 San Fernando KC, WD/BW, 3 pt major, judge Judy A. Harrington
5/25/09 San Fernando Valley KC, WD, 4 pt major, Dorothy N. Collier
Now he is: Ch. Chercher Deja Vu Mon Amie Divot

Monday, May 25, 2009

Briard Takes 5th Place at AKC Herding Trial

On Monday May 25, Ch. Bijou All Flash No Cash "Tessa" earned her first leg toward her advanced C-course title under judge Linda Rorem with a 5th place! At the advanced level the distance for the course is between 780 and 880 linear yards and contains 7 elements:

  1. Exit from pen
  2. Narrow road
  3. Bridge
  4. Pause/Traffic
  5. Wide graze/Narrow graze
  6. Placement before the flock
  7. Pen.

The AKC C-Course reflects a tending shepherd’s day and, as such, is the preferred course for many Briarders wishing to compete in herding trials. Until now, however, the opportunity to train and trial in the boundary/tending style, has been limited. This was the 1st time C-course was available at a trial held at PackLeader Farm. The All Breed Herding Club of Western Washington is sponsoring another trail at PackLeader in August that will also offer the C-course. Judges: Ron Fischer, Terry Kenney, Carol Lucero, Craig Watson. For those wishing to brush up on their C-course skills before August, the Pacific Northwest Herding Club is sponsoring a match at Brigands Hide Out on Sunday, July 5. Judges: Ron Fischer for Course C and B ducks) and Bridgette Tuerler for HT/PT, Course A sheep & ducks. For more information contact Nancy Ward.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mt. Baker Kennel Club Results

On Saturday, May 16, four Briards were entered at the Mount Baker Kennel Club shows held in Lynden WA showing to judge Patricia Mowbray-Morgan. CH Cachet Deja Vu Andantino RA "Andre" took Best of Breed (BOB), Nightwind's Definitely Maybe "Tia" took Best of Winners (BOW)/Best of Opposite (BOS). Andre was owner-handled by Sonia Thompson. Briardale's Camille Lebec "Elle", Tia and Heartsong’s Durango "Ranger" were all handled by Hannah Spencer. Hannah did most of Elle’s and now Ranger's training and is a freshman at Western Washington University in Bellingham.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Briard Medical Trust Raffle

The Briard Medical Trust is currently selling raffle tickets for this beautiful quilt made and donated by Karen MacDonald. The quilt fits a queen size bed. I have not seen the quilt in person yet and I am told the colors are much brighter than they appear in the photo. Tickets are $5.00 each or 6 for $25. The winning ticket will be pulled at the Regional Specialty in Canfield Ohio in August. (Need not be present to win.) Please contact Gabrielle LaRoche if you would like to purchase tickets and support the Briard Medical Trust. The Briard Medical Trust (BMT) was established by the Briard Club of America (BCA) in 2005. It was organized under the IRS code as the Briard Club of America Health and Education Trust, a separate 501(c)(3) organization to allow for tax deductible donations, and to serve the medical and health needs of Briards, their owners, breeders, and all who love them.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tessa Gets Ready for a Herding Trial

Above Tessa tends the graze at Brigand's Hide Out, Battle Ground, WA, May 15, 2009. Below Tessa is practacing on the new C-course at Pack Leader Farm, Gig Harbor, WA, May 10, 2009.
Tessa is entered at the AKC herding trial at Pack Leader Farm over Memorial Day Weekend. Nash and Gabrielle will be stock handling for Herding Tested (HT) and Pre-trial Tested (PT). Visting Briarder from Texas, Julie Reconnu, will be scribing for the C-course judges.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Elle Gets Her 1st HCT Leg

Judy Meggitt's Briardale's Camille Lebec "Elle" passes the 1st leg of her AHBA-Herding Capability Test (HCT) on Sunday April 19 at PackLeader Farm. Elle is handled by Barbara Davenport and evaluated by Judge Shelley Fritzke. Shelley is GSD breeder who lives in the BC lower mainland and offers tending instruction and clinics. Since Nash and Gabrielle were stock handling for this event they got to practice with Shelley on the C-course the previous evening.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ranger's Upset Tummy

Ranger Meggitt's interest in counter tops and their delicious contents recently resulted in an upset tummy and a trip to the vet. Ranger devoured an entire loaf of raisin bread. Some foods which are edible for humans, and even other species of animals, can pose hazards for dogs because of their different metabolism. Some may cause only mild digestive upsets, whereas, others can cause severe illness, and even death. Grapes and raisins contain a toxin, which can damage the kidneys. However, there have been no problems associated with grape seed extract. Coffee, tea, and chocolate contain caffeine, theobromine, or theophylline, which can be toxic and affect the heart and nervous systems. Onions and garlic (raw, cooked or powder) contain sulfoxides and disulfides, which can damage red blood cells, although garlic is less toxic than onions. There are many more common foods that can cause problems and there is a great deal of informaion on the web if you have questions or concerns. Fortunately for Ranger, his parents took him for a quick trip to the vet, so the consequences were not dire.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tessa's Up and Coming Agility Career

submitted by Carol Wolfram I was at an agility trial March 27-29. A PWD person filmed one of Tessa's runs because he thought she was soooo cooooool! Not a great run because we missed the weave entry but check out her contacts and the weaves! Since we already blew the run I tried sending her to a jump right after the table while I started a lateral move but while she could do that in class it was abit too much for her in excitement of competition. We are still a green team but I felt a lot of potential in us this weekend. She got one Open JWW legand one Exc A Std leg both with first places. The video is of Sunday's Exc AStd run.
The agility people in the northwest pretty much know about Briards since it isn't unusual to have several running at trials. This was an all breed dog show as well so lots of non agility folk were wandering around and yes, they were inquiring about the breed while watching her. It was really funny because Tessa stirred a lot of interest when she ran. On Saturday she hit the weaves so hard that her hind left leg/loin area kind of got stuck in the poles. I was at the head and the front kept weaving while the back end was trying to break free of the pole. Tessa just stretched longer and longer until all of a sudden the rear broke free of the pole and was like a slinky catching up with the front. She never popped out of the weaves. You can see in the video from Sunday that she got caught up a bit in those poles as well but nowhere near as long as on Saturday. I think it has to do with the fact that the spacing between the poles varies from trial to trial. These were 24 inch weaves. I hope that as we get more experience together that Tessa will begin to realize that the weave poles aren't always the same distance apart. At any rate, all weekend long people were commenting on the Briard with the fabulous weaves. I was casually chatting with some people while we were watching runs (Tessa was in her crate) and a BC was running. One of the people said wow what great weaves and another said forget those weaves did any of you see the Briard do the weaves?Amazing! LOL! I got to mention that I saw that Briard do weaves every week because she was my dog.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tiger Gets His 1st Point!

Sunday, March 29, 2009, Chercher Deja Vu Mon Ami Divot, a.k.a. "Tiger Woods", went Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex, at the Kern County Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show, and received his first point. Having only gone Best of Opposite Sex yesterday, he only got a ribbon and a photo album. Mom said " Rats, we made the stupid photo album, we could always make more, but we could have used that point!" Deja Vu Mon Ami Divot "Tiger" is pictured at handling class 3/11/09. Barbara reports: "he does think very highly of himself, just like his mom (Nonnie). He's absolutely certain that the whole world came to see him!" Tiger was eight months old March 28.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gia's Spring Trip

Gia and Angela Trimm enjoy a trip to the Gorge and Skamania Lodge.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Record Entries at Seattle Shows (1-5-0-0)!

Story by Sonia Thompson; Ring-side Photos by Tracy Thorleifson. There were 6 Briards competing which is the largest number we have seen at one time at any show in this area for the last two years. On Saturday March 7, Briards were judged by Bart A. Miller. On Sunday March 8, the breed judge was David Bolus.

The two days of the Seattle shows were wonderful! Sonia Thompson's Cachet Deja Vu Andantino RN "Andre" (above left) took Best of Breed both days. Judy Meggitt's Briardale's Camille Lebec "Elle" (above right) took Best of Winners both days.
Andre (left) got his championship and is Advanced Rally title. Elle got two 4-point majors and has three single points to go.

Gail Oneal's Radieux's And The Winner Is HSAs "Emmy" (left) was the other open bitch. (Below left to right) Nightwind's Double Dog Dare Ewe "Dara", Nightwind's Definitely Maybe "Tia" and Nightwind's Dances With Wool "Nutella" were the three puppy bitches.
"We are very appreciative of the effort to get Briards together for this show. The Briards received a lot of attention ringside and in the aisles" said Judy Meggitt.

There were many people helping and urging us on. The help and encouragement was fantastic. Judy's delightful friend Hannah Spencer showed Elle, who was at the peak of her charm. Hannah (at left with Elle) did most of Elle’s training and is a freshman at Western Washington University in Bellingham.Gail showed Emmy, who has filled out after the puppies and is looking good. And one of the puppies, Dara, a beautiful, well built puppy. She took reserve on Saturday. Nutella, the 2nd puppy (owned by Barbara and Pascal Stoltz of Kirkland WA) is also beautiful! She was handled by my friend Haley, at 14 yrs, one of the top junior handlers. She took reserve bitch on Sunday. The 3rd puppy, Tia, is still a scruffy girl. And she came in 3rd each day. We had alot of fun, much of it due to the great people who were there: Gail and Tracy worked non-stop at grooming. Haley's mother Bonney had a crash course in grooming Briards, and Barbara and Pascal did alot of work, too. Izzy, one of Ellie's other puppies, came with her person Marcia help with what ever was needed. Other friends appeared to help.

Andre and Tia competed in Rally. Both qualified on Saturday, Tia did not make it to the ring in time on Sunday. Andre finished his Advanced title with a high score and 2nd place!!! We ran over to rally directly from the Breed ring, just as the last dog was entering the rally ring. The steward move his number to the end, we were able to watch, then go on in. The judge was really nice about it. We went into group that afternoon; he was one of 6 who made the first cut, so that was a really exciting end of the day. The only sad part was that I couldn't go home Saturday night to get Cecca, and if I had been able to make it home, I couldn't have made it through the 12 inches of snow to return Sunday. So Cecca missed her agility runs in the venue she loves most of all (the pattern is that after she qualifies she gets to run full speed to her favorite vendor! She knows them all).

Life after being a show dog (many years after) -- the photographer's Ch Deja Vu Outfielder CD RA "Sammy" on the sofa (note the BCA throw in the back).

Nash Is a C-course Virtuoso

Read more .....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

So You Think You Might Like Carting....

Ever since I first read about briards carting in Diane McLeroth's book, The Briard, I have been captivated by the idea. As I recall, there is a charming picture of black briard pulling a cart much like this antique farm cart (top left) that I found while searching Craig's list for a cart for Nash. This cart dates to the end of the last century and comes from France. Carts like this were pulled by large dogs and tranported children and groceries to and from the market along county roads.

During my earlier briarding years I lived in Alaska where both weather and road conditions disuaded me from pursuing carting. For those years I had to be content with skijoring - a sport where the dog is in a sled pulling harness that is clipped to a hip belt on the cross-county skier.

In November, a new trail was opened that runs along an old railroad grade for 6 miles into downtown Port Townsend. It took only one walk on this trail to re-kindle my interest in carting. Since then I have been researching carting club rules - the Bouvier des Flandres Club, the American Rottweiler Club and the Bernese Mountain Dog Club, to name a few - (BCA doesn't offer a carting test) and the various rigs. As with just about everything there is are several email groups you can join. The two that have been most helpful are Carting-L and chariotsofthedogs. There is also a local list seattledraftdogs but is is not active. We also have several briarders that have patiently answered all my questions, most notably Peggi Weymouth (above left in her RJWalsh sulky), Mary Weir and Caren Landis (her rig at right). There is also a book: Travel at the Speed of Dog by Darlette Ratschan available from her website. This book has a description of a variety of sulkies and their features.

I have narrowed my decision to one of the two dorsal hitch sulkies on the market: the Chalo sulky or the RJWalsh sulky. From the research that I have done, the dorsal hitch sulky is easier on the dog, easier to train and easier to manuever than the traditional carts and sulkies with two side shafts. Dorsal hitch sulkies are balanced so that the driver's weight slightly lifts the dog in its harness. Because a dog with less weight on its paws pulls more easily, dogs are able to cart in a dorsal hitch rig more often and less strenuously than they can in other carts.

Caren decided on the RJWalsh Springtail (above left) with brakes "because it was light, it had breaks and for our purposes, I did not see the issue of spending more money for a heavier model. I can toss this one in my expedition without issue, I can take it easily on my boat when we go away in the summer. I would break it down so as not to have it damage anything while underway." Peggi was lucky enough to find an RJWalsh Millenium Mini on the used market.

Chalo sulkies are made in Federal Way WA. RJWalsh sulkies are made in Australia. The positives about Chalo are that they are local and all the parts are mountain bike parts, so they are easy to find and replace....but then owners report that, "RJWalsh sulkies generally just don't break...and he is very good about standing behind his products." With the Aussie dollar what it is, even with shipping they are competitive in price.

For training and entry level work, many folks have recommended Wilczek Woodworks. They offer a starter kit and lots of information on their website. They do not, however, offer any single dorsal hitch rigs. If one were to start out with one of these rigs and then switch to a dorsal hitch rig, it would mean investing in two types of harnesses, which at $150 -200 for a dorsal is not an insignificant amount.

We are still conducting research and hoping to find a sulky on the used market. Click here to view Nash with a Chalo sulky. We'll be ring stewards at the Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club Carting Test April 4-5 and hope to know more after that. We'll let you know when we finalize our decision.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome New Member!

A warm welcome is extended to Angela Trimm, her husband, their 3 year old, a small Yorkie and their new Briard puppy! Angela writes: " I am very excited about joining your club and raising my Briard. We actually just received our puppy today. My husband and I live in Camas, Washington and our puppy (Gia or Brandy, not sure which name yet) came to us from a breeder in California. We have never owned a Briard, but are completely already in love with her. " The new pup is show quality and although they've never even thought about it before, they would consider showing her. "Gia" or "Brandy" is out of Jasper II Vom Vossberg "Jasper"x Ch Briaramour's De Moulin Rouge RN, RA, RE, CD "Nikki". Angela would love to meet anyone who lives close to Camas with a Briard and adds that "I am very excited about our new journey with our amazing puppy. "