Constitution & Bylaws

Note: Below are the current constitution and bylaws which are under consideration for revision. Members can download a pdf version of the constitution and bylaws from the Pacific Northwest Briard Club yahoogroup


Article 1. Name and Objectives

Section 1. Name. The name of the club shall be the Pacific Northwest Briard Club (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”).
Section 2. Objectives. The objectives of the Club shall be:
  1. To instruct, prepare, and educate the members on ownership, breeding and/or competition of purebred Briards;
  2. To protect and advance the interest in the breed by encouraging good conduct and sportsmanlike participation at dog shows and public demonstrations;
  3. To promote canine health by making donations to charitable organizations for the purpose of advancing the health and welfare of all dogs; and
  4. To conduct sanctioned and licensed shows and events under the rules of the American Kennel Club and the Briard Club of America.
Section 3. Non-profit. The Club shall not be conducted for profit and no parts of profits, proceeds, remainder, or residue shall be applied or inure to the benefit of any member or individual.
Section 4. Revisions. Members shall adopt, and may revise from time to time, the bylaws required to carry out these objectives.


Article 1. Membership and Dues

Section 1. Membership. Regular membership is open to all persons 18 years and older who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribe to the purposes of this club.
Section 2. Application for Membership. Each applicant shall apply on a form as approved by the Board of Directors (hereinafter “the Board”), which shall provide that the applicant agrees to abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Pacific Northwest Briard Club and the American Kennel Club. The application shall include the name, address, list of dogs, dog history, and other information as deemed necessary by the Board. One (1) year’s dues shall accompany the application.
Section 3. Election to Membership. Applications shall be voted on by the Board at the next meeting, whether a regular meeting or a special meeting of the membership. A favorable vote of two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Board present shall be required to elect an applicant to membership. Applicants shall be listed in the agenda to be sent to the members in advance of any meeting. In the event an application is denied by the Board, the applicant has the right to present an appeal to the members at the next meeting.
Section 4. Termination of Membership. Membership may be terminated by:
  1. Resignation: any member in good standing may resign by written notice to the Secretary, but no member shall be discharged from any debt due to the Club.
  2. Lapsing: a member will be considered lapsed and automatically terminated if such member's dues remain unpaid for sixty (60) days after the first day of the fiscal year. The Board may grant an additional sixty (60) days grace to delinquent members in meritorious cases. No person whose dues are unpaid as of the date of a meeting will be able to vote at that meeting.
  3. Poor sportsmanship: any member who has violated the rules of this Constitution and bylaws, or those of AKC and has had his or her rights terminated, or who has been found guilty of animal abuse in a court of law shall be suspended immediately by the Board and shall forfeit any remaining dues given to the Club.
Section 5. Fiscal year. The fiscal year shall run from July 1st through June 30th.
Section 6. Dues. The yearly dues may be changed by recommendation of the Board and a two-thirds (2/3) written vote of the membership. Payment of dues in the last trimester of the fiscal year will also apply to the following calendar year.

Article 2. Board of Directors

Section 1. Number and Term of Office. The Board shall be comprised of the President, the Vice- President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and two (2) Members-at-Large. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected for two (2) year terms. The President and Vice-President shall be elected in odd years, and Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected in even years. The immediate past President shall serve an automatic one year term on the Board. The Members-at-Large shall be elected in two classes, each to serve for two (2) year terms.
Section 2. Election of Officers and General Powers. The Board shall be elected at the Club's annual meeting as provided by Article Five, Section Three, and shall serve until their successors are elected. The general management of the Club's affairs shall be entrusted to the Board, and it shall be accountable to the general membership. The newly elected officers shall begin duties with the start of the fiscal year following the general elections.
Section 3. Regular Board Meetings. Regular meetings of the Board shall be held at least once a year at such place, date, and hour as designated by the President, and written notice shall be mailed by the Secretary at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting. The quorum for such a meeting shall be a majority of the Board.
Section 4. Special Board Meetings. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President or the Secretary with a signed petition by three members of the Board. Such a meeting shall be held at such place, date, and hour as designated by the President or Secretary, and written notice shall be mailed by the Secretary at least ten and no more than twenty days prior to the date of the meeting. Any such notice shall state the purpose of the meeting, and no other business shall be transacted thereat. A quorum for such meeting shall be a majority of the Board.
Section 5. Board Business. The Board can conduct its business via mail, email, conference call, or such electronic means agreed upon by the Board.

Article 3. Officers

Section 1. List of Officers. The officers of the Pacific Northwest Briard Club shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Section 2. Duties of Officers:

  1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and Board, and shall have the duties and powers enumerated by the current issue of the Standard Rules of Procedure known as Robert's Rules of Order, as long as the duties specifically in the Bylaws are not abrogated. The President shall be limited to two consecutive elected terms.
  2. The Vice-President shall have the duties and exercise the powers of the President in case of the President's death, absence, resignation, or other incapacity. The Vice-President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, except those committees to which the Vice-President is specifically appointed as a voting member. The Vice-President shall be limited to two consecutive elected terms.
  3. The Secretary shall keep records of all meetings of the Club and the Board, as well as mail to all Board members copies of minutes of all Board meetings within three weeks of any meeting. The Secretary shall have charge of all correspondence of the Club and Board, notify members of meetings, notify officers and Board members of their election of office, keep a roll and address list of Club members, and notify the President of any correspondence pertinent to the welfare of the Club within one week of receipt of that correspondence. The Secretary shall only write letters that are pertinent to the welfare of the Club when directed to do so by the Club or Board at one of the meetings or at the direction of the President at the time the correspondence is sent. The Secretary shall be limited to two consecutive elected terms.
  4. The Treasurer shall collect and receive all moneys due or belonging to the Club and give a receipt therefor. The Treasurer shall deposit same moneys in a bank account satisfactory to the Board in the name of the Club. The books shall be open to the inspection of the Board at all times and the Treasurer shall report at each meeting the status of the Club's finances, and every item or receipt of payment not before reported, and shall give a current financial report at all meetings. The Treasurer shall render an account of all moneys received and expended during the current fiscal year and all outstanding debts owed to or by the Club. The Treasurer shall be bonded when and if determined by the Board any bond is required for the office of Treasurer, the amount to be set by the Board. An interim audit of the records shall be conducted by a professional accounting firm not connected in any way to the Club at the time of the appointment of a new Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be limited to two consecutive elected terms.
Article 4. Nominations and Elections

Section 1. Nominations. No person may be a candidate who is not a member in good standing with the Club. The nominating committee and chairperson for such committee shall be chosen by the Board. The committee shall consist of three members and two alternates. The Secretary shall immediately inform the committee and alternates of their selection. This committee shall be in place no later than March 1st.

  1. The committee shall nominate one candidate for the current available offices from the list of current eligible Club members, after securing the consent of said persons.
  2. The committee shall inform the Secretary immediately of their nominated slate of officers in writing by March 25th.
  3. The Secretary shall immediately inform the membership of the nominations so that any other nominations may be made by the general membership. Additional nominations may be made by written petition by any member in good standing and mailed to the Secretary by May 15th, which should include a statement from the proposed candidate signifying a willingness to be a candidate. No person may be a candidate for more than one position and additional nominations which are provided for herein may be made only among members who have not accepted a nomination from the Nominating Committee.
  4. If no valid additional nominations are received by the Secretary by May 15th, the nominated slate shall be declared elected at the annual meeting. However, if any valid nominations are received, the Secretary shall prepare a ballot listing each candidate for office and bring them to the annual meeting. The presiding officer shall appoint a Tending Committee from members in good standing and who are not candidates to collect and tally the ballots. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared elected.
  5. No nominations may be made at the annual meeting or in any other manner other than as provided in this section.
Section 2. Voting. Each member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote at any meeting at which he is present. Within a family membership, each designated family member shall be entitled to his or her own vote with a maximum of two votes per family present. Proxy voting is not allowed.
Section 3. Vacancies. Any vacancies occurring on the Board, including any officer during the year shall be filled for the unexpired term of office by a majority vote of the remaining Board. The Secretary shall notify the general membership of the Club within thirty days.

Article 5. Meetings

Section 1. Club Year. The official year of the Pacific Northwest Briard Club shall begin immediately following the election at the annual meeting and continue through the election of the next annual meeting.
Section 2. Regular Meetings. The regular meetings shall consist of a minimum of two per year and shall be held at a place, date, and hour designated by the regular membership. Written notice of the meeting shall be mailed to the membership at least fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting.
Section 3. Annual Meeting. The annual meeting shall be held in the month of July at which time the election of Officers and Member-at-Large shall take place in accordance with Article Four, Section One. The new officers shall take office immediately upon the conclusion of the election and each retiring officer shall turn over to the successor all properties and records relating to that office within thirty days of the election.
Section 4. Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the President or by the majority vote of the members of the Board who are present and voting at any regular or special meeting of the Board; or by the Secretary upon receipt of a petition signed by five members in good standing. Such meetings shall be held at a place, date, and hour as may be designated by the person or persons authorized herein to call such meetings. Written notice of such meetings shall be mailed to the membership at least ten and not more than twenty days prior to the date of the meeting. Said notice shall state the purpose of the meeting and no other Club business may be transacted thereat.
Section 5. Quorums. The quorum for meetings of the Pacific Northwest Briard Club shall be twenty-five (25%).

Article 6. Committees

Section 1. Committees. The Board or the general membership may, by resolution passed by the majority, designate one or more committees to advance the work of the Club in such matters as welfare, education, activity interests, and other fields which may be well served by committees. In no way may any committee, by its own initiative, obligate the Club to any debt nor may it act on any matter not within the designated purpose of that committee.
Section 2. Audit Committee. The general membership shall at the last regular meeting of the fiscal year appoint an audit committee of three members in good standing. The Treasurer cannot be a member of this committee. The committee shall audit the accounts of the Treasurer so that a detailed and complete report can be made at the annual meeting.
Section 3. Termination of a Committee Member. Any committee appointment may be terminated by a majority vote of the general membership. Upon written notice to the appointee, the membership may appoint successors to those persons whose service has been terminated.
Section 4. Disciplinary Committee. receipt of any charges brought upon a member from another member, from the American Kennel Club, or a court of law, a Disciplinary Committee shall be appointed to investigate the charges. If the Committee determines that there is cause for the charges, it will then turn its information and findings with a recommendation for discipline to the Board for further action. This Committee shall include the Vice-President and two other club members of good standing as determined by the Board of Directors.

Article 7. Discipline

Any member who is suspended from the privileges of the American Kennel Club shall be automatically suspended from the privileges of this Club. Any member who is sentenced by a court for animal neglect or cruelty shall be automatically suspended. Any member may refer charges against another member for alleged misconduct prejudicial to the best interest of the club or the breed. Written charges with specifications must be filed in duplicate with the Secretary along with a deposit of one hundred dollars ($100) which shall be forfeited if such charges are not sustained by the Disciplinary Committee. If charges are determined to be prejudicial to the best interest of the Club or the breed as per the Disciplinary Committee, the Board will determine punishment as to a length of suspension, or recommend expulsion. Expulsion can only occur at the annual meeting. The defendant shall have the privilege of appearing and speaking in his/her own behalf. The general membership present at the meeting shall then take a secret written ballot on the proposed expulsion. A 2/3-majority vote shall be needed for expulsion. If there is no expulsion, a minimum six-month suspension shall stand.

Article 8. Amendments

Amendments to the Bylaws may be proposed by the Board or by a written petition signed by twenty (20%) percent of the general membership in good standing. Amendments proposed by petition shall be promptly considered by the Board and submitted to the general membership with the recommendations of the Board, for a vote within three months from the date the petition was received. The Bylaws may be amended by a vote of 2/3 of the voting membership present at any regular meeting, a special meeting called for that purpose, or by a mail vote requiring the voter’s signature. In the case of a mail vote, the ballots shall be mailed out by the Secretary and returned to the Secretary for counting in the presence of at least one additional Board member. Notice of the petition and vote shall be mailed to the membership at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.

Article 9. Dissolution

The Club may be dissolved at any time by written consent of not less than 2/3 of the general membership. In the event of the dissolution of the Club other than for the purpose of reorganization, whether voluntary or involuntary or by operation of law, none of property of the Club, nor any assets, nor any proceeds thereof may be distributed to any member. After payments of all debts, any remaining Club assets and property shall be given to a charitable organization for the benefit of dogs, and selection shall be made by general membership.

Article 10. Order of Business

Section 1. Order of Club Meetings. At the meetings of the Club, the order of business, so far as the character and nature of the meeting may permit, shall be as follows:
    Call to Order
    Minutes of the Last Meeting
    Report of the President
    Report of the Secretary
    Report of the Treasurer
    Report of the Committees
    Election of Officers and Member-at-Large (Annual Meeting)
    Election of New Members
    Unfinished Business
    New Business
Section 2. Order of Board Meetings. At the meetings of the Board of Directors, the order of business, unless otherwise directed by a majority vote of those present, shall be as follows:
    Call to Order
    Minutes of the Last Meeting
    Report of the Secretary
    Report of the Treasurer
    Reports of Committees
    Unfinished Business
    New Business