Friday, September 24, 2010

National Sweepstakes Results

6 -9 Mo Dogs

1 Fairytales Tantome de L'Opera Magnifique
2 Robin Hood-Dior Dalido
3 Deja Vu Chercher First Star I see Tonight

9 - 12 Mo Dogs
1 Eastbay Deja Vu Emmet
2 Penny Lane Eight Days a Week de l'Heureux
3 Dior Everybody Loves a Lover

12 - 15 Mo Dogs
1 - Bijou Educated Guess "Griffey"
2 - Ch Bijou Endless Journey "Norman"

15 - 18 Mo Dogs
1 - Deja Vu Elephant in the Room
2 - Deja Vu Popsakadoo E Equals MC Squared
3 - Voila Ernesto de Los Niegos
4 - Dior Boyz Earl Looney Tunes

6 - 9 Mo Bitches
1 - Free 'n Easy de l'Heureux
2 - Ricci Nina - Dior Dalido
3 - Fairytales Ficelle
4 - French Toast de l'Heureux

9 - 12 Mo Bitches
1 - Eastbay Deja Vu Elbow Room
2 - Mon Amies Escalade
3 - Esme Du Roi De Berger
4 - Classique Ears To Ewe

12 - 15 Mo Bitch
1 - Exactement Wright Moravia Campanella

15 - 18 Mo Bitches
1 - Deja Vu Chercher Eats Shoots & Leaves
2 - Deja Vu Popskadoo Evenger
3 - Elli Of Mystic Oaks
4 - Ch Esprit d'Mystic Oaks

Best Jr Puppy - Eastbay Deja Vu Emmet
BOS Jr Puppy - Free 'N Easy de l'Heureux
Best Sr. Puppy - Deja Vu Chercher Eats Shoots & Leaves
BOS Sr.Puppy - Deja Vu Elephant In the Room
Best In Sweepstakes - Deja Vu Chercher Eats Shoots & Leaves
BOS In Sweepstakes - Eastbay Deja Vu Emmet

7 - 9 Year Dogs
1 - Ch Sagi Bailywick Tintagel's Pride
2 - Chaotic's Tresor Magnifique de Lindeau

7 - 9 Year Bitches
1 - Ch Deja vu Ten
2 - Ch Chaotics Turquoise de Lindeau

9 - 11 Bitches
1 - Ch Deja Vu Ruffles Have Ridges
2 - Ch Best Betes Rambling Rose
3 - Ch Philaine de Bejaune
4 - Ch Deja Vu Sense & Sensibility

11 and Over Bitches
1 - Ch Bigtree's Prima Donna
2 - Ch Kaliphi Magnifique Obsession
3 - Ch Blackwater's Phiddle Dee Dee

Best In Veteran Sweepstakes - Deja Vu Ruffles Have Ridges
BOS To Best Veteran - Ch Tintagel's Pride

Monday, September 6, 2010

Briard in 4-H Blindfold ID Competition!

~ Submitted by Judy Meggitt  Elle and I participated in the Snohomish County Fair 4-H Blindfold Competition on Saturday September 4.  There were five 4H participants and only two participants guessed that Elle is a Briard. The kids did an amazing job. It is really hard to be blindfolded and idnitify breeds from just touch. All the kids zeroed in on the ears. One guessed bearded collie and one guessed giant schnauzer in addition to one “I don’t know.” There was an assortment of about 14 different dogs for the kids to identify. Some big, some small, some well known and some obscure. The outcome was very close between two Seniors, a 4H boy and a girl. Everyone got big ribbons for participating and the top three got large trophies.

This is the last year for the old dog barn at the fairgrounds. They are constructing a new building which will house dogs, rabbits, chickens and other foul. I cannot imagine that plan will work out real well.

On Friday night, I also attended the memorial service for Beryl Epling who originated the dog barn idea, construction, and the 4H dog program in Snohomish County. Many stories were told about Beryl and the 4H kids through the years, mostly she came into play when someone got into trouble. There were several laughs and a few tears. The weekend brought back many memories of the 10 years I was a 4H leader for a dog program. I got to reconnect with several young and old 4H friends.

The 4H dog program takes in donations of old trophies in which leaders refurbish and use for dog trophies during fair. The kids love earning one of the big trophies, they are very proud of their achievements.

Tiger and His Beanie

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Unique Event!

~ Submitted by Jeanne Lorang Today in the Pacific Northwest, there was a run off in Obedience - two dogs were tied for first place in Utility B. The uniqueness? It was two Briards! That has to be one of the few times (maybe the first time ever) that two Briards were in the same Utility B class, and to have them tie for first is pretty amazing. There are so few Briards working at that level. And yes, there were other dogs in the class, it was about 10 from what Laurie said. So, Ms. Belle with Laurie Beck finished her UD today.

Ms. DC Tessa with Carol Wolfram won the runoff, and picked up about 10 OTCh points. Good thing she won, since the OTCh points would have been wasted on Belle. After today, Belle can start earning her OTCh points - yeah! And start working on those 10 UDX legs.

Congratulations to Carol / Tessa and Laurie / Belle - two very nice teams!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Save the Dates - Oct. 29-31!

~ submitted by Lynda Ronell California Briarders are trying to get an entry together for the BCNC designated Specialty in Dixon, CA. It is held with the Northern CA Herding Group Show Oct. 29 Judge is Atilla Soos. Oct. 30 Judge: Anitra Kuneo Oct. 31 Judge: Joyce Vanek

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

California Manadatory Spay-Neuter Bill Dead

~ Submitted by Pam Ohlsson, BCA Legislative Liaison.  As of last night (August 31), California SB250 (mandatory spay and neuter) is DEAD...AGAIN. We've been fighting this thing for 4 years and knocking it out; let's hope this is the last time it rears it's ugly head.