Thursday, March 25, 2010

Southern Gentility

Tessa's boy Norman now lives in Gerogia.  At eight months he has already picked up some proper southern manners. Norman a.k.a. Bijou Endless Journey also picked up 9 points and two majors last weekend in Kentucky proving that you don't have to be rude to get ahead in this world!  Congratulations to Norman, owner/handler/trainer Karen Cobb and breeder Carol Wolfram!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Seattle Kennel Club

Bijou Educated Guess "Griffey" shown by Haley Pemble and Heartsong’s Durango "Ranger" shown by Hannah Spencer represented Briards at the Seattle Kennel Club show on March 13 and 14. Both dogs showed beautifully and the Saturday judge commented on the quality of both. Griffey ended up winning both days. In a display of gracious good sportsmanship, Ranger’s handler, Hannah, showed Griffey in his class on Sunday when Griffey’s junior handler Haley was delayed. Hannah ran Griffey around the ring for his 6-9 mos puppy class, raced out and took Ranger in the ring for his class. Fortunately Haley made it to the ring just in time to take Griffey in for Winner’s Dog. Kudos to Hannah!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tia Is An Agility Dog

~ Submitted by Sonia Thompson  Nightwind's Definitely Maybe made her agility debut this weekend at the ACK Chuckanut trial in Lynden. She proved herself to be an agility dog! She earned 3 Q's and 3 first places (one Q and one 1st place were duplicates of a run during which the timer crashed, so except for the fact that she did another perfect run, actually they didn't count . It was her FAST run, and we did the course differently on her second run, yielding a higher score). She dropped a bar on her Jumpers run, so she didn't Q, but other than that her run was perfect, including 4 perfect sets of weaves. I am very proud of her.