Sunday, January 25, 2009

Barbara'a New Boy

Meet Deja Vu Mon Ami Divot, "Tiger", and yes, that is as in Woods. "Tiger" will be six months old on Wednesday, January 28 and is out of "Jonah", Ch. Mon Jovis Renior x "Nonnie", Ch. Deja Vu Bluestone Utter Nonsense. Barbara Lee co-owns him with Terry Miller and Gina Klang. Barbara reports "He's cute, smart, fun, full of himself, generally loves life, and shares his happiness with everyone!" "Tiger" lives with Dudley Do Right, "Dudley", Barbara's one-year-old, tawny, therapy dog in training and Chercher Unmentionables, "Teddi", a 5-year-old black bitch. "Tiger's" mom, 5-1/2-year-old "Nonnie" is in Ohio right now, but will return to the fold at a later date.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Beautiful Bellingham Briard Boy after Blizzard

Submitted by Sally Lewis ~ Here Jordan and the Lewis' other dog, Gracie were having a ball in the December snow!!! Jordan is 9 months old and is from Aladax Briards, Dripping Springs, TX. Sally and Larry just love him!!! Along with Jordan and Gracie, the Golden Doodle, the Lewis' have two other dogs; Reily and Spiner. Spiner is a 15yr old Golden and Reily is an Austrailian Shepherd-Pyranese mix who is 9yrs old. And last but not least there is Stormy! A 13yrs old orange tabby who runs the house!! Sally and Larry have owned Ruff Day Doggie Daycare in Bellingham for a little over a year. Dogs are their life, now. They are hoping to get their house sold and buy some property with 5 acres at least and do some boarding as well. They would love to get together with other briards in the area.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Agility at Elma & Ridgefield

At the Portland Agility Club Trials held at Ridgefield, Tessa finished her Open Standard title and moved up into Excellent where she had some great runs. No Qs yet but boy did she show she was ready for that class. Carol ran her January 3 & 4 in Open FAST for the first time and she earned her first two legs! Carol overheard the judge on Saturday as Tessa exploded through the weaves. A single exclaimation of "DAMN!" Afterwards the judge came up to me and commented on the fabulous weaves.

Lark put in some great runs and the last two weekends of trials and Carol reports: "it felt like we actually clicked. She missed a double Q two days by knocking a bar but the other days we did double Q. Just to give you an idea of the competition here, one day Lark was 17 seconds under standard course time (on a standard course) and that wasn't even good enough for a placement. We have some really fast dogs out here!"

With Lark's double Q she now has 14 total and over 700 points!!!! Go Pacific Northwest Briards!!!

Carol ran Tessa in Open JWW and her first time in Exc Standard the last weekend in December at Elma. A friend filmed the runs and posted them to youtube (see links below). This was their first day out after being snow bound in their house for 10 days. Carol said she had one crazy Briard at that trial!

The JWW run had Tessa heading for an off course with a bar down but other than that she was pretty good. It looks like Carol quit the run at the end but actually Tessa cleared the last jump then Carol slowed and Tessa just shot over an extra jump. Watch the run

In the standard run Carol said "I was an idiot at the weave entry and didn't remember she is really a green dog. She then proceeded to have two bars down on the rest of the course. It is a bit like driving a Ferrari in that she responds so quickly to the slightest twitch on my part. Nice and yet not so nice........ " Watch the run

BTW, that isn't Tessa doing all the barking!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Click here to view a greeting from Nash.

Near Record Snowfall Blankets Eastern Washington Briards

Emmy, Dara and Later enjoy the snow. Gail ponders where they will put the snow if it doesn't stop soon.