Monday, May 6, 2013

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who supported the Briard Rescue Trust Fundraiser.  We have an additional $681 to help people who help Briards through financial support and education! Celebrate the season! Enjoy your Briards and gardens!

Gabrielle LaRoche,
Briard Rescue Trustee

2013 Spring Flower Power Fundraiser Supporters:
 CM Arras, Kirsten Becker, Debi Bernardi, Angie Bixler, Colleen Brent, Janis Carpenter, Andy McGregor, Barbara Galecki, Lana Ginnis, Becky Goodwin, Melody Hanson, Constance Hardy, Nancy Kalish, Sarah Kephart, Gabrielle LaRoche, Elizabeth LaRue, Lorraine Nettles, Gail Oneal, Denise Partyka, Lynda Ronell, M SuDock, Erika Swerling, Sonia Thompson, Tracy Thorleifson, Maureen Visnicky, Judy Withee