Monday, December 29, 2008

A Christmas (Puppy) Story

Story and photos by Chelsea and Judy Meggitt
When does the thought of getting a new puppy pop into your head?

For us, it started in November when our 14-year old Briard, Logan, collapsed and appeared to be dying. The whole family participated in getting him down our 15 stairs, into the SUV and to the vet’s office. We were devastated—even Elle (Briard, 18 months) curled into a fetal ball and became lethargic. We had already lost one Briard (Noelle) this fall and the thought of losing another (which would leave only Elle for company at our house) was unbearable.

We sent an email mentioning our dilemma to Liz Kennitz, Elle’s breeder. Almost immediately, Liz sent a return email saying that the perfect puppy might be available for us. We instantly (and excitedly) contacted Pam Ohlsson and learned everything we could about her new litter. For the next month, emails and telephone calls confirmed that we definitely wanted that puppy—he would be OUR PUPPY. We decided to name him Ranger, after a character in Janet Evanovich stories who dresses all in black and rescues the heroine.

The puppy was in Oshkosh, Wisconsin—a place that Chelsea, age 16, thought was a store. It was about this time that winter started coming all across the country – with a vengeance! We had no way of knowing the adventures we would experience in getting this puppy…

Chelsea and I decided to fly to Green Bay, WI, to get this puppy and bring him to his new home. He would be our Christmas Puppy, since he would be eight weeks old the Monday before Christmas. We booked our flights to Green Bay through Chicago for Sunday, the 21st. We would meet Pam Ohlsson, the breeder, at the Green Bay airport for the transfer.

And then…we woke up Saturday morning to a great surprise of several inches of snow in Seattle and more falling. We didn’t think anything of it until it didn’t stop...and didn’t stop…and didn’t stop! Our flights – with dozens of others - were cancelled. This set us of on a scramble to reschedule our flights before Christmas. As many of you saw on the news, airports across the upper part of the nation were packed with travelers and airports were ill prepared for the winter blast. They were operating only a few flights, we were booked on one for the morning of the 23rd of December.

On the morning of the 23rd, we had our bags packed and were ready to fly. When we arrived at the Seattle airport three hours ahead of the scheduled departure, we were absolutely shocked at the number of passengers needing service and attempting to get on flights. Many of them had been in the airport overnight. We couldn’t print boarding passes early, since we would be traveling with a dog, so we had to wait through the check-in line. We waited in several more lines just to find out that our flight had already been delayed and the departure of the next connecting flight out of Chicago to Green Bay was going to leave as much as 3-1/2 hours late. We sat in the Seattle airport for hours waiting to find out if our flight would even depart. United and the other airlines had run out of deicer and were still waiting on delivery trucks. Our flight eventually did depart from Seattle to Chicago with us aboard.

Chicago brought another exciting segment in this ongoing adventure. We thought that there were a lot of stranded people in Seattle—the number of passengers stranded in Chicago was incredible! All flights in and out of Chicago had been delayed or cancelled, and passengers were attempting to reschedule or find alternate modes of transportation to their destinations. People – including us – were talking about every conceivable mode of transportation except dog sleds! Our original flight to Green Bay had been cancelled and the next flight had also been cancelled. We were beginning to lose hope of returning home on Christmas Eve with this new puppy, and we were not at all sure we would be able to get him on this trip.

While our flights were being canceled, rescheduled and canceled again, Pam, our breeder, had gone to the Green Bay airport and was waiting for us with our puppy.

After six hours of Red Carpet Club socializing, we were told we would be put on the standby list for the last flight that day to Green Bay. The odds looked slim for getting onto this flight and there was concern that this flight, too, would be cancelled. As our backup plan, we made arrangements for Chelsea to sleep overnight in the Red Carpet Club and then be put on a plane back to Seattle Christmas Eve morning. Judy would make her way by plane, train, bus, or 18-wheeler to Green Bay as soon as roads or flying conditions permitted. Once we were on the standby list, we headed directly for the gate to find a mob of people who were also on standby. Our chances of making the flight seemed to be poor—our positions on the list had slipped substantially – until we heard our names called at 9:30 p.m. for boarding! We were fortunate – the Briard god must have been smiling down on us. Many other passengers scheduled for that flight had been delayed or cancelled and didn’t make the flight.

Because of the many delays, Pam Ohlsson had to return home. The plan was for her to return with our puppy the next morning at 5:30 AM (yes, that’s AM!).

Because of the kindness and understanding of the United staff in Chicago in getting us on the last flight out, we were finally headed to Green Bay. Plowing the one runway in use in Chicago, deicing the plane, instrumentation flying, poor visibility, and rough flying conditions made for more than the usual amount of excitement on this leg of the trip. BUT, we were on our way!

We arrived in Green Bay at 12:00 PM (that’s Midnight!) and checked into a local hotel. Three and one-half hours of sleep later, the alarm went off. Just as (re-)planned, we met Pam and the puppy, with paperwork and supplies and the transferred was done in about 10 minutes. Hallelujah!!

Of course, getting out of Green Bay on Christmas Eve day wasn’t easy either. We called the family in Seattle to set up backup plans in the event we didn’t get home for Christmas day – kids open presents, adults wait until Saturday, wait on Christmas dinner until Saturday, and so on. At the Green Bay airport, we woke up the United counter representative for service and then waited for hours for a delayed and almost cancelled flight to Chicago. When we had nearly given up, all of a sudden, passengers were directed to return to the gate immediately–they were BOARDING! We couldn’t get there fast enough! Once again the runway was scraped, the plane was deiced and it was an instrument flight due to the bad weather. The flight was bouncy and rough, but we arrived safely in Chicago.

The flight out of Chicago to Seattle had also been delayed. The scene in Chicago was like something out of a movie; there were thousands of stranded passengers, some of whom had been there for two or three days. We stood by until United felt it was safe. We waited our turn for de-icing and finally we were off the ground. This flight truly felt like we were, “goin’ home!” We arrived in Seattle on Christmas Eve day, about two hours late, but with Ranger! Dallas met us at the airport and drove us home. The family was preparing our Christmas Eve dinner when we got home, after driving through Seattle in the snow and ice. And, course EVERYONE Ooohed and Ahhhed over Ranger. And, we had a wonderful family dinner with everyone there including our Elle, Ranger and, guess who else?

Logan, our Briard who almost didn’t survive, had been, at the last minute, diagnosed with Meklazine Vertigo, Vestibular Syndrome, which is a neurological problem in old dogs. With the right medication, he has fully recovered and, in his cranky way, helped us welcome Ranger.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ellie Makes Her Christmas Wish

CH Deja Vu Sense and Sensibility CD RE NA, "Ellie", poses with Santa, who is really Tracy's Dad. Although Ellie loves Tracy's Dad she was not too sure about the Santa suit and refused to sit in his lap.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it Snow!

Cold temperatures and recent snowfall bring a winter wonderland to Western Washington just in time for Christmas. View slideshow.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

UKC Trial HIT!

by Carol Wolfram
Saturday I went to a UKC show with both Lark and Tessa. Lark was entered in Utility A for the very first time and Tessa was entered in Open B to try for the first leg of her U-CDX. We had a very successful day. The morning started with Lark winning the Utility A class with a 188!!! I was soooo happy with her. Utility is a tough class at the best of times and UKC has some challenges that the AKC utility class doesn't have. Lark did a great job especially since I just entered her to see where we were in our training. Looks like we are ready to try again! After Utility came Open B and Tessa was totally on top of things. She never took her eyes off me and wound up winning the class with a 198. She is such a wonderful worker! I just love to take her in the ring. At the end of the day after all the other classes Tessa still had the highest score so she was High in Trial. I couldn't have asked for a better day! Laurie Beck was there as well with Page (in Open B and Utility B) and Belle (in Novice C) and she was very complimentary about how both my girls worked (OK, especially Tessa!) Many thanks to Laurie for all your support at these shows.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Elle Wins in Long Beach!

Briardale's Camille Lebec "Elle" (Higgins Bohemia Elite x Ch Cherron U Wanna Dance) bred by Jeanne Lorang & Liz Kenitz, owned by Judy & Dallas Meggitt and presented by Martin Cabral picked up 4 points by going Winners Bitch on December 10 and 11. Entries were 2-5-(3-1) on Wednesday and 2-5-(3-3)Thursday. On Wednesday, Elle was shown to judge James G. Reynolds at the Kennel Club of Beverly Hills show. Judge Reynolds hails from Ottowa Ontario and has most recently judged Briards at the Santa Maria Kennel Club show in Ventura, July of this year. On Thursday, at the Los Encinos Kennel Club show, she was shown to Paolo Dondina of Monterchi, Italy. Although approved for all groups and BIS, judge Dondina has not had a previous herding group or breed AKC assignment.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

PNWBC has 1st AKC OTCH Briard!

PNWBC Board member Laurie Beck and Page DID IT! Breed history is made in Ridgefield Washington!

Thursday, December 4, they got the last points needed to earn the first AKC OTCH for a Briard - Page, OTCH CH Briardale's One For the Books de Lebec UDX2 (etc), bred by Jeanne Lorang, owned by Laurie and Justin Beck, completely trained by Laurie Beck. Page had earned the UKC Obedience Champion title (not sure if she is the first in that) a couple months ago, but Laurie wouldn't let Jeanne do any bragging until she got the AKC OTCH. She also is the only Briard with a UDX2. Page is 10 next week. Briards now have herding champions, agility champions, and an obedience champion.

Jeanne reports "this has been such a long journey for them both. Laurie made some mistakes early on, Page took advantage of them as only a dominant, smart Briard can, and she came very close to being euthanized for biting. But Laurie fought for them both to get better and learn, and they became a team. There were stretches where the points were just not coming, Laurie was hurting, Page was distracted, etc. Then this summer, Laurie called me in tears sure that Page's career was over, as she could no longer do jumps due to pain. It turned out an infection after dentistry had spread to Page's bones, and it took massive doses of antibiotic over a long period to get her healthy again. And they started picking up those last points, and today she reached 104, with a first place to boot! It's hard to understand how much work Laurie and Page put into this, unless you've followed the whole journey, and Laurie never would let me brag about what she was doing."

Last year Jeanne commissioned Carol Wolfram to make one of her beautiful glass pieces that said "First Briard OTCH", and Carol and friends have been carting it from show to show, waiting for the day. Today Carol was there to watch and give Laurie the plate. "I am so happy for Laurie, and so proud of Sassy's daughter. She'll probably be pissed I bragged before AKC confirmation of the title, but I don't care! No way I could wait! I just wish I could have been there to watch" said Jeanne.

According to Mary Weir a much more dramatic tale is in order......

Carol Wolfram said "the judge had 4 Q's out of the class all present in the ring. Laurie's obedience friends had figured she needed to get 1st or 2nd to finish. The judge announced the 4th place....... doggie walked up got ribbon. The judge announced 3rd place....doggie got ribbon. Drum roll!!!!!!!!!!! judge announced 2nd place... doggie walked up and Laurie had tears in her eyes as she knew she had gotten the title. THEN judge announced 1st and PAGE and LAURIE won!!! The crowd went nuts and the judge hadn't a clue what was going on."

"....and actually before that, the judge asked what legs people were working on. One team just got their 19th UDX leg (towards a UDX2), another their first X leg and a third their 7th leg. She then turned to me and asked what we were there for. I replied, 'oh, we're just here.' She didn't know what to say and everyone laughed" reports Laurie.

What a wonderful way to do it, with friends cheering you on. The judge marveled that Page was the first Briard ever for an OTCH. And Laurie is worried that she didn't comb her hair for the picture. Congrats to the team on a once in a lifetime win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In retrospect, Laurie writes: "Page has been feeling so good lately that I didn't have a chance to get nervous before we showed. We were the last exhibitors in utility. We went into the ring, she worked with attitude and before I knew it, we were done. Going back into the ring for ribbons I got so nervous, I thought my knees might give out. "

"The commemorative plate that Jeannie had Carol Wolfram make is stunning. Now I understand why for the last few months Carol and friends were always asking how many points Page had. I didn't have a clue!" said Laurie.

"I've been so lucky to have had Jeanne to lean on whenever the chips were down, my trainer, Lori Drouin to call on when something broke (and believe me, when you're trialing for as long as we were, everything broke more than once), a friendly face outside the ring, Carol, to support us, and all of you to recognize our efforts" remarked Laurie.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Father Daughter Outing

Pictured in the slideshow are Andre (& Sonia) and Nutella, Andre’s 6 month old daughter, as they try out a little sheepherding. Nutella was the star! The farm is a herding training facility and boarding kennel named Canine Country Club owned by Lorri Schubert. It is located in Smokey Point, north of Marysville/Tulalup. Brian Ricard is the trainer. Brain works primarily with Border collies and is a USBCHA judge. The dogs are working in a 50-ft round pen. There are also small & large fields for training. Nutella is a natural, very instinctual. Andre works and works, really hard, to succeed, and Brian says he is very talented, but not with the instant instinct that Nutella showed.

This was Nutella's first ever experience. She was was very keen on it and quite happy about the whole outing. Including what she did when she returned home, to the cat’s sheepskin bed... Nutella was very pleased with herself. Nano, the cat, was not. Photos and story submitted by Barbara Stolz and Sonia Thompson.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Puppy!

Judy and Dallas Meggit made the decision to get a new male puppy. Heartsong’s Durango "Ranger" will be picked up from Pam Olsson in OshKosh WI on the 22nd of December at 8 weeks of age. They are really excited. He’s very black. He’s the son of Boston x Natalie (Natalie is the granddaughter of Sendero's Remington). He is pictured here at one (bottom 2) and two (top 2) weeks of age.

Judy and Dallas lost Noelle in September and Logan has recently had a close call, so this will be just the Christmas cheer they need. Photos courtesy of Briard Breeder.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Whidbey Island K.C. Trials & Tribulations

Cachet Deja Vu Andantino RN "Andre" (pictured at right) got his first leg in Advanced Rally on Saturday November 15 at Monroe, with a fourth place, which is good for an apprehensive "lagging" boy. A fourth place Q even though he lagged!! On Sunday he was very relaxed and was enjoying greeting and sharing treats with several Rally classmates and their people. There must have been really good karma in the room because even the antisocial cattle dog classmate was congenial. Sonia took advantage of the happy atmosphere to get him jazzed before the start. He did a "line up" nicely. Then the first handler error happened: Instead of "heel", Sonia sang out "Ok let's go!" in her most lively tone. He went. The lagger sprinted ahead! He was nearly at the second sign before Sonia picked her jaw off the floor and began to activate her stunned brain. She should have asked the judge if they could repeat #1, but she hadn't really recovered yet, so they went ahead from #2. Sonia resports that she made at least 3 other handler errors, so they did not qualify. But he did what she asked, happily and without lagging except at the last sign! So that was a win as far as Sonia was concerned!

Ch. Deja Vu Back Seat Driver RN PT JHD-s "Nash" was only entered on Saturday. The strategy was that he'd either Q, obtaining his third leg and RA title, or the team would know what they had to work on. Nash and Gabrielle arrived at the fairgrounds early, checked in, picked up the course and found a grassy area where they could warm-up off-leash. Gabrielle was feeling pretty good about their chances. They walked into the ring, Nash didn't want to sit at the ready (not a good sign) and then got a case of the zoomies as soon as they started - dashed around the ring, over the jump, circled a few pylons, into a play bow and they were excused. The audience loved it. "Some days you're the dog trainer and some days you are only the poop scooper."

It was a beautiful sunny autumn weekend in Monroe, unlike many we have seen at that time of the year. Neither competitor could fault the venue. The rally ring had few distractions - it was set up in its own building in the end of the room so that there were walls behind the ring gates on three sides. The only thing one could ask for might be more room to watch and wait, but then that would make it perfect and who has ever experienced an absolutley perfect setting?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dante Gets His 3rd Q!

Helen Moulden of Sidney B.C. reports that CKC-CH. Aladax's Sorcerer CDX AGNCH "Dante" finally got his 3rd Starters Q in AAC Agility. Now they are in Advanced and Masters. However, Helen says "he slipped off the teeter in practice and refused to get on again so we may have started something else!"

Dante's qualifying score was for the Agility Association of Canada. In AAC you have to get three perfect scores to move to the next level to get Standard titles. The levels are Starters, Advanced and Masters. Now Dante is in Advanced Standard. Games titles are scored separately. Starters Games require one qualifying score to move to Advanced. Then two qualifying scores are required to move to Masters. Separate titles are available for Team and Steeplechase. Dante runs Masters courses in Jumpers & Snooker.

CKC only offer Standard runs and Jumpers with Weaves. The levels are Novice, Intermediate and Excellent. Here Dante runs at the Intermediate level. The rules are much the same for AKC.

Friday, November 7, 2008

An Autumn Day at the Park

Lark and Tessa went to the park today. What a fun time they had chasing squirrels, leaves and each other. Carol stumbled upon this park in an adjoining neighborhood after living there for 15 years. She thought she knew all the neighborhood parks!

A couple weeks ago while leaving a client's house, she took a shortcut home and found a small grassy area. Thinking she would let the dogs run for a minute, it turned out that the grassy area was just a finger of this much larger nicer park. It is only about a mile from their house and such a lovely park.

She and the girls have been there several times now and while there is sign of dogs (some people will just never scoop) they have yet to see any other dogs there. The best part is that on a couple of their visits they didn't even see any people!! Lots of nicely mowed green grass with a walking path and a wooded area with lots of little dirt paths through it - and leaves and squirrels of course. Great park!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh Canada!

This year two Pacifc Northwest Briard Club members competed in the breed ring at the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers of BC in Abbotsford Canada which is billed as Canada's Largest Dog Show. On Friday, October 31, AKC-Ch Deja Vu Back Seat Driver RN, PT JHD-s "Nash" (left) went Winners Dog against Ne Orageux Assiniboine Admirer "Rio" (right) and then took Breed over the Special CKC-CH. Aladax's Sorcerer CDX AGNCH "Dante" (center) showing to Dany Canino. On Saturday, November 1, "Nash" repeated his performance showing to Christina Hubbell. On Sunday, November 2, "Dante" and "Rio" were entered. "Dante" took BOB showing to Judge benny Blid Von Schedvin of Sweden.

To all who missed this show, it is always a lot of fun. The Canadian Briard Club hosts a Booster, PNWBC member Helen Moulden always comes up with wonderful prizes and reserves a grooming space so there is lots of "back-stage" camaraderie. It is also a great venue for Rally and Obedience for those that are so inclined.

Helen also exhibited her Schappendoes puppy (picured with Helen at left) in the parade of rare and unusual herding and working breeds. The Schappendoes is a Dutch herding breed. Bottom photo courtesy of Romy Wood.

Monday, October 27, 2008

PNWBC Goes To California!

For those of you that have been following the breed ring here in the Pacific Northwest, you know that entries in Briards are down. As such, three PNWBC members headed south to the Briard Club of Northern California Specialty and Supported Entries at the Dixon May Fairgrounds in search of points.

The trip south was not without challenges -Judy had to be towed into Medford for repairs which meant she had to find a place to get Elle groomed since they would be arriving in Dixon later that anticipated. From Port Townsend WA to Dixon Ca it is 788 miles. Mapquest claims it is a 13 hour drive but Thom and Gabrielle chose to break it up with a stop in Mount Shasta. This made for a short leg the second day, allowing them to arrive at the show site early on Thursday and lay claim to the "PNWBC Compound". RV spaces were "reserved" but ended up being a 1st come 1st served situation. Sonia, Bruce and Judy did eventually arrive safe and sound and the shared space for parking, RV, tenting and grooming meant there was a place to relax between ring times. Thanks to Judy's RV, there was always a cold beverage to be had.

Entries at the Specialty where as follows: 6 to 9 Month Dogs - Bodo Dega Gebreab Tyohannes owned by Tom & Nicole Jakaby and Bodo Dawit Tomas Tesfasilassie owned by Chuck Christianson; Open Black Dogs - Lebec's Bodo Andy Medeiros "Andy" owned by Wayne & Gaylene Allen & C. Christianson & J Lorang; Open Tawny Dogs - Cachet Deja Vu Andantino "Andre" owned by Sonia Thompson & Bruce Barnbaum, Avantage Czech Connection Lebec "Mendel"owned by Jeanne Lorang & Janet Couture, and Deja Vu Back Seat Driver RN PT "Nash" owned by Gabrielle LaRoche & Thom Wylie; 6 to 9 Month Bitches - Bodo Devenny Lucas MVP owned by Sally Dobbins & Trevor Barlow & Chuck Christianson and Bodo Devenny Mitchell owned by Kelly & Joe Johnson & Chuck Christianson; 12 to 18 Month Bitches - Briardale's Camille Lebec "Elle" owned by Judy & Dallas Meggitt; Open Black Bitches - Nuage D'Or Adieu Le Alibis "Alibi" owned by Michelle Griffith; Open Tawny Bitches - Unbelievable Unity Moravia Campanella owned by Carmen Griffith; and Best of Breed - Ch Lebec's Magical CEO "Chief" owned by Pat Cardone & Jeanne Lorang and Ch Lebec Bodo Beto Bloxom "Beto" owned by Chuck Christianson & Jeanne Lorang. A huge thanks is owed to Chuck Christianson for ensuring that there were majors in dogs!

It turned out to be a particularly good weekend for Deja Vu Back Seat Driver, RN, PT, CGC, JHD-s "Nash" who finished his championship with 2 BOB's from the classes and 3 major wins! And last but not least, Sonia and Andre were winners at the Halloween costume fundraiser - Andre dressed as a "Taco" and Sonia was "Belle" - costume design courtesy of Judy Meggitt (sorry, no photo available).

This is a show worth traveling to. Dixon May Farigrounds are a lovely venue. The weather was in the low 80's, dry with a pleasant breeze. The Briard Club of Northern California prizes were huge rosettes, embroidered towels, etched glassware and BCNC logo pins. There are also three challenge tophies: for BOB the Barbara Ruby Memorial Trophy and the Shaka Challenge Trophy; and for Best of Opposite the Ch Jessica James De L'Etat D'Or Memorial Trophy. Obedience is also offered although not Rally.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PNWBC Honors Passing of Two Members

In an on-line vote, the Pacific Northwest Briard Club decided to honor the passing of two members. A donation has been made to the Briard Medical Trust in the names of Briarders Michelle Clevenger and Ray Ronell.

Monday, September 29, 2008

New C-course Opportunites in Western Washington!

On Sunday I had the opportunity to observe two seasoned handlers work their German Shepherds in the boundary/tending style, while working out the details for a new AKC regulation C-course. Briards are used in boundary/tending situations, and are quick learners of this technique. In France, patrolling is part of the farm dog's training if the dog will be working the narrow graze strips between crops. This was a trait selected by French shepherds, thus the ease of Briards to learn this maneuver. The AKC C-Course reflects a tending shepherd’s day and, as such, is the preferred course for many Briarders wishing to compete in herding trials. Until now, however, the opportunity to train and trial in the boundary/tending style, has been limited.

On the C-course, sheep must be allowed to graze peacefully, contained within specified unfenced areas, and safely guided on the roads between those areas. The dog patrols to guard against sheep trespassing onto the adjoining field, while the sheep graze and are moved along roads. The shepherd and dog are responsible for the safety and good health of the sheep, in addition to protection of all adjoining lands from the sheep. Only through a harmonious effort among the shepherd, the flock and the dog can optimal success be attained in this type of grazing flock management.

Only sheep are used on Course C. Although the minimum number of sheep allowed are 20, larger flocks give the best opportunity for success. The handler walks with the flock to lead or guide them along the roads and into graze areas. The Judge and Secretary also walk the course at a discreet distance from the handler, dog and stock. Spectators are not allowed on the course during the competition. Course C covers a minimum distance of 440 linear yards and a maximum distance of 880 linear yards, depending on the level of competition. The entry-level, or started course contains "exit from the pen", "narrow road", "bridge", "pause/traffic", "wide graze" and "pen".

The All Breed Herding Club of Western Washington is considering offering a C-course herding workshop next spring, geared for folks just getting started and the entry level competitor. The workshop would be held at PackLeader Farm in Gig Harbor Washington. If you would be interested in such a workshop, please email Gabrielle with the dates in March or April that would be best for you.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gig Harbor Kennel Club Trials

Deja Vu Back Seat Driver, CGC, RN, PT, JHD - Nash - earned two legs toward his Rally Advanced (RA) obedience title at the Gig Harbor Kennel Club Trials in Shelton WA. Read more...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Elle Meets Sheep for the 1st Time!

Briardale's Camille Lebec - "Elle", Judy and Dallas Meggitt's 15-month-old Briard, met sheep for the 1st time at PackLeader Farm in Gig Harbor WA. Here Elle is gaining confidence with the sheep in the 50' round pen. Later that afternoon she graduated to the 100' arena. Trainer Barbara Davenport, who is handling Elle in this video, remarked that Elle is a very nice working dog and that she works with equal comfort on the "go by" (clockwise) and on the "away to me" (counterclockwise).

Judy remarked that she had never seen Elle carry her tail that way. Judy and Dallas' grand-daughter Marrissa can be heard giggling in the backgorund. A good time was had by all!

To see photos of Elle in the 100' arena and other Briards currently herding in the northwest - Andre, Emmy, Tessa and Nash - scroll to the slideshow at the bottom of the page.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Herding Title!

by Gail ONeal
Emmy (Radieux's And The Winner Is PT) got a leg with second place on August 30 and a leg with third place on Sept. 1 in the started sheep classes (8 entries) at the Spokane Labor Day Herding Trials. She now has her herding started title on A course in sheep. She received a rousing cheer from the crowd both days as one of the few "token" breeds (2 corgis, 2 belgians, 1 aussie) in a mostly collie-sheltie-border collie trial that had 40 entries each day. Of course, her "enthusiasm" helped propel the sheep around the course at a rather quick rate!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alaska Herding Group Trial, Wasilla

On Saturday September 6, 2008 Carol Wolfram judged A-course trials, herding tested and pre-trial tested on sheep and ducks. No Briards were entered.
Photo courtesy of Gabrielle LaRoche

The trial was held at Sunset Acres Farm, 50 miles northeast of Anchorage, Alaska's largest city. Although Carol did not meet the GOP candidate for Vice-president, she was excited to be only a few miles from the historic Iditarod sled dog trail.

Carol has been judging AKC herding trials and tests since 1998. In her more than 25 assignments she has traveled from Washington to Oregon, Ohio, California, Nevada and Texas, but this was her 1st assignment in Alaska.

Carol will be judging the tests and trials sponsored by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America in Ferris Texas, November 2 & 3, 2008. These trials will be on sheep and will include A, B and C courses.

Carol did find time for a glacier tour in Prince William Sound. She reports "What a blast that was!"
Slideshow photos courtesy of Carol Wolfram

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Longview Kelso Kennel Club

This was the weekend of the AKC shows in St Helens Oregon. The weather was a mix of everything from rain to cold to sun to rain and all in the same 5 minutes! There were no Briards entered in conformation but I had Tessa entered for the first time in Open obedience and she did a wonderful job. On Saturday she got the first leg toward her CDX with a score of 197 and first place. Kind of blew me away with how well she worked and how nothing fazed her. Today she got her second leg with a 195 and another first place. Who knew you could lose so many points when the dog picks up a mouthful of sand with the dumbell? It's called mouthing and they aren't supposed to do it. I thought it was rather smart of Tessa to hang on to the dumbell while spitting the sand out at the same time! All in all it was a fun weekend of showing and I look forward to our next time out.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

PNWBC at Mutty Paws Dog Training Club of Oregon

On Wednesday August 20th, Laurie Beck ran both Page (in Utility and Open) and Belle ( in Novice). Laurie reports that "Page was back in the ring - with attitude. After several months of medical problems, just going back in the ring was reward in itself. NQs and all, we had a great time. She made me smile. "

"This was Belle's first time in the obedience ring. For me it was like being in Novice A, again. I've shown only Page for the last two or so years and to walk into the ring with another dog was a totally new experience. Belle was wonderful. She earned her UCD in three tries. Since her return to Oregon she's earned her RN and the UCD. She, too, made me smile," said Laurie.

Carol Wolfram's Tessa got two legs to finish her U-CD title. Tessa got a 198.5 in the first trial and a 199 in the second trial - her best runs ever - and High in Trial in each!!! "I wish you all could have seen Carol and Tessa. They are a magnificent team and will make a name for briards," said Laurie.

On Thursday August 21, Laurie Beck also judged one of the trials. Way to go PNWBC!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Kennel Club Show at Enumclaw, Washington

PNWBC members share grooming tips while enjoying the hospitality and shade at Judy Meggitt's RV. At ring-side, Andre, Nash and Elle show to Judge Fred C. Basset. Andre, shown by a professional handler, takes breed over Nash who is being shown by fellow Briarder, Mark Strever. Elle is being shown by junior handler Hannah.
Photos courtesy of Gabrielle LaRoche & Tracy Thorleifson.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Andre x Emmy Puppies

Nightwind's Definitely Maybe "Maya" - one of seven tawny puppies (5 girls, 2 boys) whelped 5/27/08. Dam: Radieux's And The Winner Is PT (pointed) OFA hips excellent, elbows and thyroid normal x Sire: Cachet Deja VU Andantino RN (pointed) OFA hips good. Of the 7 pups, 6 have been placed in either show or performance homes. Gail will be keeping a bitch to show and show boy is going to going to PNWBC members Sandy and Pat Parsons in Lebanon OR. For more info contact Gail Oneal or or 509-838-7418.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PNWBC Supports 2008 BCA National

The votes are all in! In a unanimous on-line decision, the Pacific NW Briard Club Board voted to send a check to BCA in the amount of $75 to be applied to trophy donations where needed for obedience, herding, agility or rally. For more information about the 2008 National in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky September 19 - 28, 2008 go to the BCA website.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

In Celebration of Ripley

by Gail ONeal
Ripley (Ripley Be Leve It Or Not V. D. Hoolhoeve HSas) (2000-2008) died July 25, 2008 from hemangiosarcoma. He came to our home from Marsha Clamp and Gail Zamarchi in 2003 to be a buddy to Later, companion to us, and herding addict. He initially thought Bob was the best thing since ice cream but as soon as I took him out on sheep, he changed alliances-or as Bob said-"he's a traitor"! He lived for herding and loved to do daily chores, loved running and wrestling with Later, and enjoyed gong for rides to new places. His bounce and smile will be long remembered. He was a true gentleman with a big, loving heart! And...we miss him terribly!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Chercher Primary Color, CGC, TDIEVA

June 4, 1999 - July 13, 2008

Missed by the hundreds of friends he made, during his more than 350 therapy dog visits.

~ Parson~
Born into my hands and died in my arms, I love and miss you. ~~~Barbara K. Lee

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Portland Kennel Club

Kath Williams and Rainy's team placed 1st in the team obedience competition during the Portland Kennel Club Obedience Trial on Saturday. Déjà Vu Back Seat Driver, CGC, RN, PT, JHD - Nash - took Best of Breed both days of the Portland Kennel Club All Breed Shows. Judy Meggitt's Elle and Sarka Klimes' Ivy were also entered. Saturday night, ten Briarders and friends enjoyed a great dinner at the Vancouver Red Lion on the Quay. Photos courtesy of Gabrielle LaRoche.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Annual Membership Meeting

The Pacific Northwest Briard Club held its annual membership meeting, followed by a brief board meeting on Saturday January 12, 2008, 6:00 p.m. at Charlie's 113 E Main, Puyallup WA.

The election of officers was the first order of business. The following was the proposed slate.

Laurie Beck has had briards since 1991. Her focus is performance events - obedience, agility and tracking - although with the exception of her first two briards, they've all been finished. When she's not training, she does freelance writing and most recently, she's started quilting. Laurie is also an obedience judge, all classes, for the United Kennel Club. She's currently a member of the BCA and the AKC.

Gabrielle LaRoche has loved dogs all her life - Dachshunds, mixed breeds, a GSD, Dobermans, a GSP and last but not least, Briards - Bones (1995-2004) and Houlette (1997-2006). She enjoys conformation, obedience, herding and agility. She lives in Port Townsend WA with her husband Thom, Kittitas the cat, and Nash the Briard. Gabrielle was a founding board member of the Pacific NW Briard Club and served one term each as member-at-large and treasurer.

Patricia Simonet has been personally inspired by Briards since 1995. Her first Briard, Thomas Jefferson, taught her many life lessons during his short life, as have the following tribe of Briards; Trixie (1995-2007) a rescued girl was a patient herder who successfully herded cats, Foster (2000) also rescued overcame his fear of dogs, and Goodall (1999), who inspired the laughing dog research. Patricia participates in Rally-O with both her boys.

Sonia Thompson Briards have been a part of Sonia 's life since 1998, when she met several in France. A huge Briard who resembled Gabrielle's Bones, was in charge of a Bistro; she was hooked immediately. She searched for Briards and found Chancee, a rescue. He is a lovely boy, almost 10 now. She and her husband Bruce Barnbaum have had other dogs, over the past 30 yrs: Irish setter, Afghan, Briard-mix, 2 German Shepherds, Aust. Shepherd, Otterhound, Kelpie -- all rescues. Now there is Andre, 2 yrs. old, full of energy. He earned his Novice Rally Title in July 2007 and is working on Open. He has great fun living with 4 other dogs and 2 cats.

Tracy Thorleifson lives in Lake Forest Park, a suburb of Seattle with two Briards, Sammy (9) and Ellie (7). Tracy and Ellie play at Obedience and Rally. Sammy persists in the belief that he was meant to be a lap dog. Tracy previously served on the BCA Board of Directors for 5 years and has also served on the Board of the Pacifc NW Briard Club.

Kath Williams lives on the N. Oregon Coast with two 5-year old Briards, Rainy & Windy. Both "The Girls" do some obedience and rally; Rainy sometimes ventures into the breed ring. Kath has had Briards since about 1982 when Annie, a re-home, came to live with her. Annie was followed by Ginger, a rescue, then a few years later Rosebudd, the first puppy. Kath was one of the original Pacific NW Briard Club members and served on the Board since its beginning.

In a unanimous vote the members voted to increase the board size and seat the proposed slate with the addition of Carol Wolfram and Mark Strever.

Other suggested changes to the by-laws will be drafted by Tracy Thorleifson.