Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Puppy!

Judy and Dallas Meggit made the decision to get a new male puppy. Heartsong’s Durango "Ranger" will be picked up from Pam Olsson in OshKosh WI on the 22nd of December at 8 weeks of age. They are really excited. He’s very black. He’s the son of Boston x Natalie (Natalie is the granddaughter of Sendero's Remington). He is pictured here at one (bottom 2) and two (top 2) weeks of age.

Judy and Dallas lost Noelle in September and Logan has recently had a close call, so this will be just the Christmas cheer they need. Photos courtesy of Briard Breeder.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Whidbey Island K.C. Trials & Tribulations

Cachet Deja Vu Andantino RN "Andre" (pictured at right) got his first leg in Advanced Rally on Saturday November 15 at Monroe, with a fourth place, which is good for an apprehensive "lagging" boy. A fourth place Q even though he lagged!! On Sunday he was very relaxed and was enjoying greeting and sharing treats with several Rally classmates and their people. There must have been really good karma in the room because even the antisocial cattle dog classmate was congenial. Sonia took advantage of the happy atmosphere to get him jazzed before the start. He did a "line up" nicely. Then the first handler error happened: Instead of "heel", Sonia sang out "Ok let's go!" in her most lively tone. He went. The lagger sprinted ahead! He was nearly at the second sign before Sonia picked her jaw off the floor and began to activate her stunned brain. She should have asked the judge if they could repeat #1, but she hadn't really recovered yet, so they went ahead from #2. Sonia resports that she made at least 3 other handler errors, so they did not qualify. But he did what she asked, happily and without lagging except at the last sign! So that was a win as far as Sonia was concerned!

Ch. Deja Vu Back Seat Driver RN PT JHD-s "Nash" was only entered on Saturday. The strategy was that he'd either Q, obtaining his third leg and RA title, or the team would know what they had to work on. Nash and Gabrielle arrived at the fairgrounds early, checked in, picked up the course and found a grassy area where they could warm-up off-leash. Gabrielle was feeling pretty good about their chances. They walked into the ring, Nash didn't want to sit at the ready (not a good sign) and then got a case of the zoomies as soon as they started - dashed around the ring, over the jump, circled a few pylons, into a play bow and they were excused. The audience loved it. "Some days you're the dog trainer and some days you are only the poop scooper."

It was a beautiful sunny autumn weekend in Monroe, unlike many we have seen at that time of the year. Neither competitor could fault the venue. The rally ring had few distractions - it was set up in its own building in the end of the room so that there were walls behind the ring gates on three sides. The only thing one could ask for might be more room to watch and wait, but then that would make it perfect and who has ever experienced an absolutley perfect setting?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dante Gets His 3rd Q!

Helen Moulden of Sidney B.C. reports that CKC-CH. Aladax's Sorcerer CDX AGNCH "Dante" finally got his 3rd Starters Q in AAC Agility. Now they are in Advanced and Masters. However, Helen says "he slipped off the teeter in practice and refused to get on again so we may have started something else!"

Dante's qualifying score was for the Agility Association of Canada. In AAC you have to get three perfect scores to move to the next level to get Standard titles. The levels are Starters, Advanced and Masters. Now Dante is in Advanced Standard. Games titles are scored separately. Starters Games require one qualifying score to move to Advanced. Then two qualifying scores are required to move to Masters. Separate titles are available for Team and Steeplechase. Dante runs Masters courses in Jumpers & Snooker.

CKC only offer Standard runs and Jumpers with Weaves. The levels are Novice, Intermediate and Excellent. Here Dante runs at the Intermediate level. The rules are much the same for AKC.

Friday, November 7, 2008

An Autumn Day at the Park

Lark and Tessa went to the park today. What a fun time they had chasing squirrels, leaves and each other. Carol stumbled upon this park in an adjoining neighborhood after living there for 15 years. She thought she knew all the neighborhood parks!

A couple weeks ago while leaving a client's house, she took a shortcut home and found a small grassy area. Thinking she would let the dogs run for a minute, it turned out that the grassy area was just a finger of this much larger nicer park. It is only about a mile from their house and such a lovely park.

She and the girls have been there several times now and while there is sign of dogs (some people will just never scoop) they have yet to see any other dogs there. The best part is that on a couple of their visits they didn't even see any people!! Lots of nicely mowed green grass with a walking path and a wooded area with lots of little dirt paths through it - and leaves and squirrels of course. Great park!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh Canada!

This year two Pacifc Northwest Briard Club members competed in the breed ring at the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers of BC in Abbotsford Canada which is billed as Canada's Largest Dog Show. On Friday, October 31, AKC-Ch Deja Vu Back Seat Driver RN, PT JHD-s "Nash" (left) went Winners Dog against Ne Orageux Assiniboine Admirer "Rio" (right) and then took Breed over the Special CKC-CH. Aladax's Sorcerer CDX AGNCH "Dante" (center) showing to Dany Canino. On Saturday, November 1, "Nash" repeated his performance showing to Christina Hubbell. On Sunday, November 2, "Dante" and "Rio" were entered. "Dante" took BOB showing to Judge benny Blid Von Schedvin of Sweden.

To all who missed this show, it is always a lot of fun. The Canadian Briard Club hosts a Booster, PNWBC member Helen Moulden always comes up with wonderful prizes and reserves a grooming space so there is lots of "back-stage" camaraderie. It is also a great venue for Rally and Obedience for those that are so inclined.

Helen also exhibited her Schappendoes puppy (picured with Helen at left) in the parade of rare and unusual herding and working breeds. The Schappendoes is a Dutch herding breed. Bottom photo courtesy of Romy Wood.