Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Annual Membership Meeting

The Pacific Northwest Briard Club held its annual membership meeting, followed by a brief board meeting on Saturday January 12, 2008, 6:00 p.m. at Charlie's 113 E Main, Puyallup WA.

The election of officers was the first order of business. The following was the proposed slate.

Laurie Beck has had briards since 1991. Her focus is performance events - obedience, agility and tracking - although with the exception of her first two briards, they've all been finished. When she's not training, she does freelance writing and most recently, she's started quilting. Laurie is also an obedience judge, all classes, for the United Kennel Club. She's currently a member of the BCA and the AKC.

Gabrielle LaRoche has loved dogs all her life - Dachshunds, mixed breeds, a GSD, Dobermans, a GSP and last but not least, Briards - Bones (1995-2004) and Houlette (1997-2006). She enjoys conformation, obedience, herding and agility. She lives in Port Townsend WA with her husband Thom, Kittitas the cat, and Nash the Briard. Gabrielle was a founding board member of the Pacific NW Briard Club and served one term each as member-at-large and treasurer.

Patricia Simonet has been personally inspired by Briards since 1995. Her first Briard, Thomas Jefferson, taught her many life lessons during his short life, as have the following tribe of Briards; Trixie (1995-2007) a rescued girl was a patient herder who successfully herded cats, Foster (2000) also rescued overcame his fear of dogs, and Goodall (1999), who inspired the laughing dog research. Patricia participates in Rally-O with both her boys.

Sonia Thompson Briards have been a part of Sonia 's life since 1998, when she met several in France. A huge Briard who resembled Gabrielle's Bones, was in charge of a Bistro; she was hooked immediately. She searched for Briards and found Chancee, a rescue. He is a lovely boy, almost 10 now. She and her husband Bruce Barnbaum have had other dogs, over the past 30 yrs: Irish setter, Afghan, Briard-mix, 2 German Shepherds, Aust. Shepherd, Otterhound, Kelpie -- all rescues. Now there is Andre, 2 yrs. old, full of energy. He earned his Novice Rally Title in July 2007 and is working on Open. He has great fun living with 4 other dogs and 2 cats.

Tracy Thorleifson lives in Lake Forest Park, a suburb of Seattle with two Briards, Sammy (9) and Ellie (7). Tracy and Ellie play at Obedience and Rally. Sammy persists in the belief that he was meant to be a lap dog. Tracy previously served on the BCA Board of Directors for 5 years and has also served on the Board of the Pacifc NW Briard Club.

Kath Williams lives on the N. Oregon Coast with two 5-year old Briards, Rainy & Windy. Both "The Girls" do some obedience and rally; Rainy sometimes ventures into the breed ring. Kath has had Briards since about 1982 when Annie, a re-home, came to live with her. Annie was followed by Ginger, a rescue, then a few years later Rosebudd, the first puppy. Kath was one of the original Pacific NW Briard Club members and served on the Board since its beginning.

In a unanimous vote the members voted to increase the board size and seat the proposed slate with the addition of Carol Wolfram and Mark Strever.

Other suggested changes to the by-laws will be drafted by Tracy Thorleifson.