Saturday, July 26, 2008

In Celebration of Ripley

by Gail ONeal
Ripley (Ripley Be Leve It Or Not V. D. Hoolhoeve HSas) (2000-2008) died July 25, 2008 from hemangiosarcoma. He came to our home from Marsha Clamp and Gail Zamarchi in 2003 to be a buddy to Later, companion to us, and herding addict. He initially thought Bob was the best thing since ice cream but as soon as I took him out on sheep, he changed alliances-or as Bob said-"he's a traitor"! He lived for herding and loved to do daily chores, loved running and wrestling with Later, and enjoyed gong for rides to new places. His bounce and smile will be long remembered. He was a true gentleman with a big, loving heart! And...we miss him terribly!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Chercher Primary Color, CGC, TDIEVA

June 4, 1999 - July 13, 2008

Missed by the hundreds of friends he made, during his more than 350 therapy dog visits.

~ Parson~
Born into my hands and died in my arms, I love and miss you. ~~~Barbara K. Lee

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Portland Kennel Club

Kath Williams and Rainy's team placed 1st in the team obedience competition during the Portland Kennel Club Obedience Trial on Saturday. Déjà Vu Back Seat Driver, CGC, RN, PT, JHD - Nash - took Best of Breed both days of the Portland Kennel Club All Breed Shows. Judy Meggitt's Elle and Sarka Klimes' Ivy were also entered. Saturday night, ten Briarders and friends enjoyed a great dinner at the Vancouver Red Lion on the Quay. Photos courtesy of Gabrielle LaRoche.