Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome New Member Chris Marshall

Chris has Callisto (above) who he obtained her from Lebec Briards in California six years ago when he lived in Chicago. He now live in Corvallis Oregon and both Callisto and he love it. He doesn’t show her (she’s not show quality) but he certainly shows her off in public…and she loves attention. She’s well behaved but has never received formal herding training – just obedience training. Callisto and Chris are too busy hiking and travelling around the Pacific Northwest to head to many dog related events, but he thought it’d be fun to know what was going on around here just in case. Oh…her name: She’s named after a greek nymph who (like many unfortunate characters in mythology was tricked into sleeping with Zeus and summarily punished…in Callisto’s case: she was turned into a bear) – you can read about it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callisto_(mythology. At left is picture of Callisto as a puppy (at that time, she was a little scared of water…although now she LOVES swimming). When Chris is not hiking and traveling with Callisto he serves as the Curator & Collections Manager, Cordley Hall, Zoology Department, Oregon State University.