Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spokane Results

~ submitted by Tracy Thorleifson
photos coming soon
Sat., Spokane KC – WD – Griffey, RWD – Ranger; BOB/BOW – Dara
Sun., Spokane KC – WD – Dobbin (Nightwind’s Just Dobbin), RWD – Griffey, BOB/BOW – Dara
Mon., CDA KC – WD/BOB – Dobbin, RWD/BP Griffey; Best Puppy in Herding Group – Griffey (Dara was pulled on Mon/Tues because she is singled out).
Tues., CDA KC – WD/BOB – Griffey, RWD – Ranger

Sat, Sun., & Mon. Griffey’s junior handler, Haley Pemble, also showed Griffey in Junior Showmanship. Very brave to take a 10 month old puppy into a class where having a dog trained to nail free stacks is what wins. They did not place but looked great together. I overheard one of Haley’s friends telling her that “it takes guts to take a puppy into Junior Showmanship.”

Sat night Gail and husband Bob organized a lovely dinner at a local Thai restaurant. Sandy (Dobbins’ owner), Dallas & Judy Meggit, Hannah (Ranger’s handler) and Luis (Hannah’s boyfriend), Tracy & Haley, and honorary Briard people Dennis & Kathy Morgan (current owners of Boxers who shared our grooming space) all attended.